BRAD PENN Made in the USA


GET READY RACE FANS! You can now buy BRAD PENN Oil by the 12 Qt. case at Brown's Oil Service. We keep the most common BRAD PENN products in stock at our Indianapolis location. Below is a list of oils that we keep on the shelf.

WE HAVE BRAD PENN IN STOCK! (Click Below for Product Data Sheet)

 Penn Grade 1 HP 5W30

 Penn Grade 1 HP 10W30

 Penn Grade 1 HP 10W40

 Penn Grade 1 HP 15W40

 Penn Grade 1 HP 20W50

 Penn Grade 1 HP Monograde 30W / 40W / 50W

 Penn Grade 1 HP  V2 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil 10W40

 Penn Grade 1 HP V2 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil 20W50

 Penn Grade Break-In Oil 30W

 Penn Grade 1 HP "Nitro" 70W




We Stock It Year Round!

Why is Penn Grade 1 the choice for so many race teams?

  The Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils contain the higher level of anti-wear (ZDDP – zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) and enhanced film strength so critical to proper high performance engine protection. The Penn-Grade 1® oils “typical” 1,500 ppm Zinc (Zn) and 1340-1400 ppm Phosphorus (P) content provide the needed anti-wear protection to critical engine parts, such as piston/cylinder walls, roller cams under heavy valve spring pressure and especially those that employ a solid “flat tappet” type system. As important as the chemistry is to the Penn-Grade 1® oils, it is by no means the whole story. The unique base oil cut used to refine the Penn-Grade 1® High Performance Oils maintain a tremendous affinity to metal surfaces. This naturally occurring “metal wetting” characteristic enables the oil to stay put on your highly stressed engines and makes the Penn-Grade 1® High Performance Oil resist slinging for an extended period of time. Also, rest assured in knowing that the Penn-Grade 1® High Performance Oils are 100% Made in the USA.